Drag & Drop 2D Augmented Reality Authoring

NEW! Build a SnapDragonPlayAR! Now SnapDragonAR makes it even easier! Build an application to share with your friends!

Create a project, save your file, and publish. That's it! All of your movies and images are neatly assembled into a single application that you can give to your friends and colleagues. Also in the newest update it's even easier to print markers! Just Print like you would from any application, choose your markers, and SnapDragonAR will help you with your printing options.

SnapDragonAR is a unique new tool for artists, educators, and storytellers of all ages. Use the drag and drop interface to augment markers with in sight of your webcam with moving images. Place the markers anywhere you want to see your images come to life. Experiment, create, tell new stories. Transform any surface into a screen simply by adding a marker. Print stickers, bring everyday objects to life. Make your own projects at home. Simply print your markers, turn on the camera, and start dragging 2D images from your computer into the drop zones.

SnapDragonAR is produced by the Augmented Reality Lab at York University in association with Mark Fiala and is now available to download. The groundbreaking software is inspired by the works of G. A. Rhodes' 52 Card Psycho and Caitlin Fisher's Andromeda, co-winner of the City of Vinaròs 4th International Digital Literature Award 2008. Use your Mac (Intel only) and a webcam, print your markers, drag in some digital images or video clips (quicktime compatible clips required).

Made With SnapDragonAR

Free to try!

If you enjoy using SnapDragonAR you can buy the full version of the software with incredible features.

  • NEW!Build and Share a player!
  • Resize your image in real time.
  • Move the image right off the marker.
  • Records video at the press of a button.
  • Read images from a Quicktime movie or jpg hosted online.
  • Chromakey a transparent background!
  • Compress your movies right in SnapDragonAR!

Future Stories

Future Stories is the company made possible by research at York University's Augmented Reality Lab. Augmented reality is an incredible story telling technology that merges print and digital media. We have released SnapDragonAR, an easy to use toolkit for digital compositing, so that new audiences can participate in the creation of new stories.