Future Stories develops tools for artists and designers who wish to make their own augmented reality and digital media experiences. Some are inexpensive, like SnapDragonAR the fastest way to put your videos and images on top of Augmented Reality markers. We also host open-source projects, so you can make new experiences and share them with others online. We also provide code for you to make your own locative experiences on iOS.


Future Stories is the company made possible by research at York University's Augmented Reality Lab. Augmented reality is an incredible story telling technology that merges print and digital media.


SnapDragonAR is a unique new tool for artists, educators, and storytellers of all ages. Use the drag and drop interface to augment markers with in sight of your webcam with moving images.

Described by some users as "Geocaching for Stories", GPS Cinema is a simple SDK for authoring locative media experiences.


Handheld City Toronto Museum Project Augmented Reality Experience.


Requiem is part of a larger, much more fragmented work by Caitlin Fisher, "Cardamom of the Dead: a novel in fragments built using tabletop augmented reality storytelling machines".


Tubman Center project for Ontario Educational Curriculum


The Amazing Cinemagician - Popup Tunnel Book Experience.